About Us

Our Beeginnings.

It all began in 1975. Greg Hannaford was only 12 when his dad brought up the idea of beekeeping to him. Greg wanted to learn all he could about his new hobby so he walked to the library every week to read as much as he could.

As life sometimes does, his new hobby was put on the back burner until the early 90's when he discovered some old beekeeping equipment in a friend's barn. That year he ordered two hives and thus began his beekeeping adventure.

Greg and his wife Shelly made beekeeping their full-time career in 2012 and have since become the primary supplier of bees to area hobbyists and beekeepers.

Today, the Hannafords have 400 hives located in various bee yards around the community. Greg enjoys speaking to beekeeper groups and serves as the chairman of the education committee for the American Beekeeping Federation – the largest beekeepers organization in the country.

Shelly is in charge of product development, marketing and sales as well as assisting Greg with beeyard tasks.

Our Bees Are Our Babies.

Our production bees are led by queens raised by us and specially selected for production in our area. We also sell bees to other Urban beekeepers. These bees are led by queens produced in Northern California and selected for their extremely gentle disposition ideal for backyards and other urban environments.


We Sell:


Bee Yard Locations

Our bee yards are located in some of the areas most iconic locations, including:

  • Tulsa Botanic Garden
  • Tulsa Zoo
  • Along the Tulsa and Sapulpa Railroads
  • Along the Verdigis River Navigation Channel

In addition we have yards in a total of 7 different counties in Northeast Oklahoma